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It is an honour to have the opportunity to share my passion of dance with today’s youth.  I have trained in dance since the age of 3 and have competed and performed professionally in various dance styles.  Competing at a high level of dance has taught me a certain type of discipline that has greatly impacted my growth as a young woman and entrepreneur. 


 Growing up, I was able to experience the hard work and dedication required to be a successful businessperson through my mother who owns our family run childcare facility, as well as through my elder sister who is a elementary school teacher. Through them, I have been able to understand first hand, the fundamental and advanced aspects of the Ontario Education Curriculum, and it is my ultimate goal to enrich your curriculum through cultural  and diverse dance programs. 


As a former ambassador of Canada, I have represented Canada on an international level in a host of different talent competitions in Thailand, China, and Ecuador, and have worked with multiple charities focused on youth development such as Camp Jamoke, Special Olympics, Rotary Club and Operation Smile.  As an avid traveler, I have gathered traditional cultural items from around the globe to bring culture to life during our dance workshops.  The overall mission behind Get Low dance Co. is to spread awareness of fitness, wellness, and culture, through dance.


I enjoy creating programs that are accessible to children of all ages and dance ability, being able to give students the opportunity to participate in a dance experience like no other.  Dance creates an environment where students from all cultures and backgrounds can come together and work as a team. Through dance, even the shyest of children come out of their shells and shine which gives them the freedom to explore and create through movement and rhythm.


One of the most rewarding moments as an instructor is when I hear that parents have put their children into dance classes because they have discovered their child's newfound talent and love of dance through our workshops.

In the early years of this company, I had the wonderful experience of working with a young boy with autism. 

In class, he kept mostly to himself and had difficulty interacting with other students. Yet, through our dance programs, he found something he really enjoyed and he actively took part in all aspects of the programs.  

He was able to develop the self-confidence he needed and learned to work as part of a team. It is so incredible to see how dance lightens up their lives before our eyes which in return lighting up my life!


These success stories are what this company is built on!


  • An extra curricular activity catered to child care facilities, school boards, girls & boys clubs, community facilities, and more!

  • Meets your curriculum needs:

    • Provides the required daily physical activity your children need

    • Builds self-confidence, self- expression & team building

    • Increases children’s focus and learning abilities

    • Integrates diversity and culture through dance

    • Improves children's health and wellness

  • We will customize any workshop to fit your curriculum needs.



"Dance is the Unspoken Language that connects us all." - Melanie McGregor




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