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Melanie McGregor











It is an honour to have the opportunity to share my passion of dance with today’s youth.  I have trained in dance since the age of 3 and have competed and performed professionally in various dance styles.  Competing at a high level of dance has taught me a certain type of discipline that has greatly impacted my growth as a young woman and entrepreneur. 


 Growing up, I was able to experience the hard work and dedication required to be a successful businessperson through my mother who owns our family run childcare facility, as well as through my elder sister who is a elementary school teacher. Through them, I have been able to understand first hand, the fundamental and advanced aspects of the Ontario Education Curriculum, and it is my ultimate goal to enrich your curriculum through cultural  and diverse dance programs. 


As a former ambassador of Canada, I have represented Canada on an international level in a host of different talent competitions in Thailand, China, and Ecuador, and have worked with multiple charities focused on youth development such as Camp Jamoke, Special Olympics, Rotary Club and Operation Smile.  As an avid traveler, I have gathered traditional cultural items from around the globe to bring culture to life during our dance workshops.  The overall mission behind Get Low dance Co. is to spread awareness of fitness, wellness, and culture, through dance.


I enjoy creating programs that are accessible to children of all ages and dance ability, being able to give students the opportunity to participate in a dance experience like no other.  Dance creates an environment where students from all cultures and backgrounds can come together and work as a team. Through dance, even the shyest of children come out of their shells and shine which gives them the freedom to explore and create through movement and rhythm.


One of the most rewarding moments as an instructor is when I hear that parents have put their children into dance classes because they have discovered their child's newfound talent and love of dance through our workshops.

In the early years of this company, I had the wonderful experience of working with a young boy with autism. 

In class, he kept mostly to himself and had difficulty interacting with other students. Yet, through our dance programs, he found something he really enjoyed and he actively took part in all aspects of the programs.  

He was able to develop the self-confidence he needed and learned to work as part of a team. It is so incredible to see how dance lightens up their lives before our eyes which in return lighting up my life!


These success stories are what this company is built on!


"Dance is the Unspoken Language that connects us all." - Melanie McGregor

Sophia F.



I am so grateful I get to share my true passion with the youth of today. I have trained in dance since the age of 3 classically and through the years havw been fortunate to train in many other styles, allowing me to perform professionally & internationally. 


I trained in London, UK studying Dance & Performance at University, which allowed me to learn the history of dance in depth and how essential movement & dance is. I love that I get to share the knowledge I have with our lovely youth. Dance has also given me the discipline to work hard in everything I do to achieve my goals. 


Since moving to Toronto, I have been fortunate to become an instructor with Get Low Dance Company. I have been an Instructor for over a year and a half and have gained so much experience & knowledge about how dance can really make a difference to all aspects of life. I love that GLDC celebrates all cultures, styles & abilities, which really brings us all together and allow us to grow. 


My highlight with GLDC is meeting all the amazing kids and seeing how dance makes a impact on their lives, see them come out of their shells and have so much fun while doing so. Seeing them improve each week, not just with movement, but in their confidence as well. This is so rewarding and makes my heart burst with joy! 


I love teaching different cultural dance styles to the kids as they are not only learning new movement but also about important parts of history in a fun and creative way. 


Dance allows us to express ourselves through movement and music. It is such a valuable part of growing, developing skills and learning about ourselves. I love being an Instructor at GLDC as it allows us to add important aspect to the curriculum. Its a true pleasure!

Emma B.

I have been dancing competitively since I was eight years old at the Canadian Dance Company in Oakville. Born to a family of musicians, I was encouraged to study acting and voice alongside my dancing. This triple threat training has led me to travel the world performing in musicals such as Hair and An American in Paris in the United States and Europe. I have also worked as a performer for Norwegian Cruise Line sailing Central and South America.


As a teacher, I have taught dance, drama and music across Canada through in school programs, summer camps, dance intensives, online courses and for various extra curricular programs.


I have been teaching for GLDC since 2016 and have loved every single minute! Highlights have been teaching dance routines for Christmas Concerts and our Online Dance Programs!


Getting to see my students on a weekly basis brings me a lot of joy. Watching them grow into amazing humans through the power of dance is an incredible privilege! 



Our Dance Educators

Are qualified, passionate teachers who have a love for dance and children.  



Studying early childhood education or extensive experience working with children


Has a passion for dance and an extensive experience and awards in dance. 


Valid medical record and criminal record check

Become an Dance Educator

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